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Steel Building Accessories

• Walk Doors
• Slider Doors
• Insulation
• Cupalo's
• Wainscoat
• Skylights
• Overhangs
• Horse Stalls
• Bar Joist
• Overhead Doors
• Hangar Doors
• Hydraulic Doors
• Gutters & Down Spouts
• Lightning Rods
• Concrete Siding
• Eave Lights
• Soffits
• Dutch Doors


steel building accessories

Powerlift Door Closed
Hydraulic Doors Bifold Doors
• Seals and held tight with one piece construction
• No moving parts to maintain
• Pre-hung frame posts and header
• Operates with quick safe hydraulics
• No lost headroom
• Hard to seal, more locations for air leakage
• Moving parts at top and center hinge, bottom rollers
• Hangs on building, meaning additional framing cost
• Operates with slow pulleys, cables or straps
• Must oversize door for headroom clearances
Hydraulic Doors Sliding Doors
• Push button powered operation
• Closes and seals tightly
• Opens without weather issues
• No moving parts means no maintenance
• Manually slide open
• Flimsy and hard to seal
• Snow and ice removal required
• Slider wheels bind and stick, only gets worse
Hydraulic Doors Sectional Doors
• Opens to ceiling height
• No moving parts to adjust
• Won’t rattle in the wind
• One piece strong construction
• Can require 2+ feet headroom rails in the way
• Many moving connections, parts and rollers
• Leaky and noisy from wind pressure
• Small door panels mean a weaker door

Powerlift Hydraulic Doors

Strong, Safe, Zero Maintenance! The PowerLift door is the solution to all your door problems. No moving parts – nothing to wear out, maintain or adjust. Lose NO headroom! Built-in check valves and lock valves prevent settling.

These doors are pre-hung unit with its own framework, support posts, and header. They do not not hang on your building like bi-fold doors thus saving building costs. Hydraulic pressure holds the door tight against its framework with a rubber seal on the bottom to keep out wind, snow and dust.

Schnell Custom Inc. always install our doors. We guarantee them for a full 10 years for reliable trouble-free operation. Superior quality from the materials, installation and customer service will equal years of dependable trouble free door operation.

Every PowerLift door features:


We always install our doors for years of guaranteed problem free operation


Every door comes with a 10 year warranty, best in the industry

Custom made

PowerLift Hydraulic Doors are custom made to your exact field rough openings

Mounting style

You decide what is best for you

  • Inside mount: internal mounting that aligns door steel flush with the building steel
  • Outside mount: mounts externally without intruding in the existing opening space

Door construction

  • Pre-hung door frame constructed with single length welded materials,  provides solid support
  • One piece door construction is single length welded materials not pieces bolted together
  • Installed wood framing for easy metal panel installation and warmth

Hydraulic system

  • Compact motor, pump and reservoir for years of reliable service
  • Motor bypass and cylinder stops prevent system failure
  • Steel hydraulic lines for added protection
  • Pioneer style hydraulic connections for door operation for conditions without electricity


  • Flexible hinge weatherstripping moves with door but seals the weather out
  • Heavy rubber and cloth reinforced bottom seal prevents wind, moisture and dust from entering your building
  • Hydraulic cylinders hold door tight against frame providing a fantastic maintenance free seal


  • Built-in check valves and safety valve prevent unwanted door closure
  • Cylinder restrictors prevent sudden door closure
  • Deadman operation switches keep you in control of door movement and position

Optional Features:

  • Remote Control comes with two heavy duty transmitters. Operates the door from 500 feet
  • Custom painting: we can paint your frame and door to match your building color
  • Wood framing for service doors, windows and wainscoting. Makes your installation easier



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