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Schnell Custom Pumping has been applying liquid manure since 1982. With a complete line of manure application equipment, we are ready to set up at your location with the right combination of agitators, pumps, hoses, and tillage implements.

We know the importance of staying within waste application guidelines and with 5+ MILES OF HOSE we can effectively implement field rotation ensuring proper manure management for your operation.

Schnell Custom Pumping utilizes a global positioning system (GPS), which allows us to ensure an even and accurate distribution of manure on your land. This technology enables us to accurately apply manure from one year to the next without skips or overlaps, ensuring even fertilization of your crops.

When your manure pit or runoff/wastewater holding tank is in need of pumping, call Denny at 1-800-861-9050 for current rates. References are available upon request.

We offer four types of custom manure application:

Agitaged manure pit wastewater mixture is pumped through hose connected to a 23' R-Way Injector or a 16' Hydro Injector. The manure goes down into the ground behind each of the 16" shovels and is injected directly into your cropland and backfilled with soil all in one pass.

Our 18' Glencoe Incorporator is a field cultivator equipped with 7 splash plates. The manure hits these splash plates and is then worked into the soil with 4" shovels.

The best way to fertilize your alfalfa fields. 5 splash plates on a rotary hoe offer the benefit of direct fertilization of alfalfa roots while aerating the soil, allowing for expanded growth of your crop.


Using your water or wastewater source, we are able to pump and irrigate a 150' radius (10.2 acres) in a swath up to 1,500'.



We're ready to set up at your location.
Call Schnell Custom Pumping at 1-800-861-9050.
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NEW! 46' Applicator with GPS Control offers Low Application Rates for Hog Manure.
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Call Denny - Schnell Custom Pumping at 1-800-861-9050


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