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Comparison chart between our Metal Roofing and other standard roofing products

Comparison chart between our Metal Roofing and other steel and metal roofing products

What makes metal roofing a great choice?

• Extremely lightweight
• Non-combustible steel
• Extensive color selection
• Four premium styles
• Guaranteed not to break or crack
• May qualify for reduced
  insurance premiums
• Warranted against hail
• Warranted against 120 MPH
• Reduce energy costs by up
  to 40%
• Looks beautiful
• Tax credits available
• Increase your home value
• Noise reductions
• Place over your existing roof
• Fire proof
• Uses recycled materials
• Have a zero maintenance roof
• Have your new roof installed
  by certified installers
• Have a roof that never fades
• Experience a roof that doesn't
  have curling shingles
• Receive a money back
• Have a roof that actually
  SAVES you money every year
• REALLY will last 50 years

In other words, it will be the
Last Roof You'll Ever Buy! ..


The last roof you'll
ever buy ... PERIOD.
metal shingles
Architectural Shingle Look
to give your home the traditional dimensional appearance
steel shakes
Cedar Wood Appearance
to give your roof an upscale wood shake form
standing seam
Modern Sleek Style
to give your roof the clean smooth façade
spanish tile steel roofing
Old World European Style
to give your roof the expensive upscale look
rib panel steel roofing
Economical Metal Choice
to give your home an affordable alternative

Schnell Custom Building Systems Inc. is proud to offer permanent roofing for your home. Choose from metal, tile and slate that come in a variety of colors, styles and shapes.

No matter what type of permanent roof you decide on, you can expect it to last a long time. Metal, Slate and Tile roofs all come with a minimum 50 year warranty, are impervious to wind, fire, hail and other acts of nature.

Call 1-800-861-9050 for your FREE ESTIMATE today!

The choice is easy when compared with other standard roofing products.
Our Metal Roofing Asphalt Roofs Wood Shake Roofs
Excellent roof weight
light-weight roof
1.2-1.5 lbs per sq. ft.
High-weight product
2.5-5 lbs per sq. ft.
High-weight product
4-5 lbs per sq. ft.
Can withstand wind-speeds up to 120 mph Poor wind resistance Fair wind resistance
Can withstand hail stones
up to 2.5" diameter
No hail resistance Poor hail resistance
Interlocking designs will
resist ice damming
Poor nail installation; perform poorly with
ice damming
Fair installation; perform
poorly with ice damming
56% recycled materials are used to make us a ecological friendly manufacturer Non-recycled materials Non-recycled materials
Excellent insulator will reduce energy bills
Up To 30%
No energy savings No energy savings
Add immediate value to your home up to 85% back of thecost back to the home-owner No value increase Small value increase
Extremely fire-resistant Poor fire resistance Poor fire resistance
Homeowners may qualify
for immediate insurance
reductions up to 20%
No insurance reduction No insurance reduction
50 years, non prorated,
transferable warranty
25 year prorated 15 year warranty
Can be placed over
your existing roof
Existing roof must be removed Existing roof must be removed

Making a decision when compared with other metal roofing products is simple.
Our Metal Roofing Other Steel/Aluminum Roofs
state of the art "powder coating" for the finish Other companies use stone coated materials which fade, crack and will
shed color stones
"powder coating" finish has salt spray testing and has beenproven to have non-corrosive coatings Stone coated finishes will flake and chip under normal weather conditions
24 gauge steel which is extremely durable and strong lighter less expensive 26 gauge steel or the 30 gauge aluminum roofing materials which can bend and crease
50 year, non-prorated, fully transferrable warranty 50 year, limited, prorated warranty
Will stand up to hail, leaving no
evidence of damage
Will scratch and dent upon impact, leaving visible blemishes on the roof
"Batten System Technology" can increase ventilation, resulting in higher energy savings Installation of panels directly on decking, does not allow for increased ventilation





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